Bot flagSuntiang

I blocked your bot for editing without bot flag. Please ask the stewards on meta for a bot flag first and ping me after approval for unblock. It would also be great if you would create a bot user page, so that the identification of the bot owner is easier. Kind regards, Vogone (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 03.53 (WIT)

User page created. What about to allow global bots? JAn Dudík (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 04.39 (WIT)
Probably they won't be on new wikis because of the implementation of Wikibase, which will be soon. Regards, Vogone (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 05.11 (WIT)
min.wp is not supported by wikidata Carsrac (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 06.13 (WIT)
It should be soon, see bugzilla:44750. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 06.37 (WIT)

Flag approved and bot unblocked, by the way. Good luck! :-) Vogone (bicara) 9 Pebruari 2013 06.47 (WIT)