How about that Sir? Where is it Sir? Iwan Novirion (bicara)

Which gadgets do you want to use? --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.39 (WIT)
Like HotCat, Popup and so on. :D  ‹›  ™     22.59, 7 Pebruari 2013 (WIB)
Ok, I'll import some. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.54 (WIT)

Sory SirSuntiang

If I make a mistake. I think incubator not have template that you are delete. So what can I do right now?  ‹›  ™     22.59, 7 Pebruari 2013 (WIB)

Please wait until the import is finished, I will then restore those which didn't exist on Incubator. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.54 (WIT)
Aye Aye Sir!  ‹›  ™     7 Pebruari 2013 20.57 (WIT)
The import is finished now, I have restored Templat:Pintas, Templat:Softredirect, Templat:!- and Templat:Waktuttd which did not exist on Incubator. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 22.59 (WIT)
Glad to have you here, Sir. Now I can make some editing, right?  ‹›  ™     7 Pebruari 2013 23.35 (WIT)
Yes indeed. Feel free to! --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 23.42 (WIT)
Anyway, if I have any question for this wiki later, can I contact your talk page on meta or incubator?  ‹›  ™     7 Pebruari 2013 23.51 (WIT)
Of course :) --MF-Warburg (bicara) 8 Pebruari 2013 00.11 (WIT)

About timestampSuntiang

We here have (WIB) not (WIT) with "T". Can you fix it? Thank's in advance  ‹›  ™     22.59, 7 Pebruari 2013 (WIB) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.43 (WIT)

I will look into that. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 20.54 (WIT)
Great! Thank's a lot, Sir. Btw how about my message on meta?  ‹›  ™     7 Pebruari 2013 21.01 (WIT)
Answered. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 7 Pebruari 2013 21.03 (WIT)
Thank's again, Sir!  ‹›  ™     7 Pebruari 2013 21.29 (WIT)

Reported in bugzilla:44758. --MF-Warburg (bicara) 8 Pebruari 2013 00.11 (WIT)

  1. Vote for the bug. :)  ‹›  ™    


I understand, but I can't find that word on translatenet.  ‹›  ™    

I still can't find it... I think it was not this. :(  ‹›  ™    
Yes, it is, it shows when using the edit view. --MF-Warburg (maota) 16 Pebruari 2013 00.44 (WIT)
So when I translate it, what about local mediawiki page? Can I delete it?  ‹›  ™     16 Pebruari 2013 00.52 (WIT)
Yes, but keep in mind that the translation from translatewiki will not appear here immediately. But changes are normally reflected in projects within 48 hours. --MF-Warburg (maota) 16 Pebruari 2013 01.00 (WIT)
Oh I see, so in a 48 hours ahead I will delete it.    ‹›  ™    

  Alah It has been translated and work now. I've deleted from local.  ‹›  ™     21 Pebruari 2013 12.55 (WIT)

Nice to hear, thanks! --MF-Warburg (maota) 22 Pebruari 2013 17.01 (WIT)
Anyway, can you give me some advice, what to do and not to do, on this brand new wiki? Kind regards,  ‹›  ™     22 Pebruari 2013 17.03 (WIT)
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Generally, write articles and trying to find new contributors is a good idea ;-) --MF-Warburg (maota) 22 Pebruari 2013 18.08 (WIT)
Uhm.. how about sysop activity on the baby wiki? What advice todo & not todo for the sysop?  ‹›  ™     22 Pebruari 2013 18.17 (WIT)
Ok, sorry for a late answer, here are some ideas:
  • Remember to do interface translations on only, except if you want to make a customization for Wikipedia (e.g. MediaWiki:Nstab-main should be the translation of "page" as standard, but can we changed to "article on Wikipedia).
  • Remember that you are the only sysop, so don't protect pages so that only you can edit them, if it's avoidable
  • Be careful when setting up abusefilters, they might have unwanted consequences, e.g. preventing everyone to edit.
--MF-Warburg (maota) 25 Pebruari 2013 06.26 (WIT)
Can you teach me how to use abusefilters fitures? Is any manual for it? Thanks in advance.  ‹›  ™     26 Pebruari 2013 10.56 (WIT)
E.g. en:Wikipedia:Edit filter/Instructions, mw:Extension:AbuseFilter/Rules format and mw:Extension:AbuseFilter/Actions. --MF-Warburg (maota) 27 Pebruari 2013 18.24 (WIT)