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Why it's not translated from meta like on local? Ex: your userpage & talkpage.  ‹›  ™    

Hello Iwan Novirion. What you see on User:Pathoschild is my global user page from Meta, so you see Meta's version of the template. See mw:Help:Extension:GlobalUserPage#Where content comes from and m:global user page for more information. —Pathoschild (maota) 21 Pebruari 2015 10.55 (WIB)[]
Hmm... the global user page won't use local templates when shown on a local wiki. But... the babel has been translated on tlwiki, it's not local template anyway.  ‹›  ™     21 Pebruari 2015 11.11 (WIB)[]
The babel extension seems to use the wiki's default language instead of the viewer's language. Since the page comes from Meta, it's probably using Meta's default language. —Pathoschild (maota) 21 Pebruari 2015 12.02 (WIB)[]
Oh, I see... thanks mate. Nice to chat w/ you. Have a nice day.  ‹›  ™     21 Pebruari 2015 12.39 (WIB)[]